There is growing consensus that the majority of the benefit of stem cell therapy is due to the release of paracrine factors—proteins and exosomes—that activate the body’s endogenous stem cell pool. This activation amplifies the healing potential of the body and restores end-organ function, including the patient’s heart, skin, brain or joints.

ParaXome has in-licensed the international rights to use the CAMKK1 enzyme or gene as a stand-alone drug and as an adjunct to adult stem cell therapy. Recently, CAMKK1 was discovered to activate mesenchymal stem cells, enhancing the secretion of the paracrine factors that provide downstream benefits. In a recent animal study, plasmid CAMKK1 was delivered to the thigh after the induction of a heart attack. Significant benefit was observed over placebo, suggesting that CAMKK1 therapy does not have to be delivered directly to the site of injury to have therapeutic effect. As such, there is great potential for this to be developed into a drug that is administered to patients with acute injury such as heart attack and stroke.

With our vertically integrated regenerative medicine platform, Okyanos Innovation Center can manufacture CAMKK1 therapy in our GMP laboratory and begin to treat patients at our treatment center in Freeport, Bahamas after going through the Bahamian regulatory process.